Mobile Legends vs Heroes Evolved Review

Having the opportunity to play these 2 MOBA mobile games, I can say that I can give a good review from pros and cons of each game. This is for those who are tired on the current game they are playing and they want to try something new.

Actually the fact is, there are good stuff on each game that is not present to other as well as disadvantage. There is no perfect game from the two and for you to know which meets the closest to your interest, I will give you the high and low for every element.

Mobile Legends

The most successful MOBA in mobile platform outranking Vainglory known to be the biggest MOBA in both Android and iOS. What makes this game a huge success is their players’ interaction on social. It has also the simplicity that even newbie from this genre can cherish. Their success reminds me of DotA and League of Legends schemes wherein the simplicity and required gaming skill to play prevailed. 

Connectivity Issues

If a Mobile Legends player going to migrate on Heroes Evolved this is because the lag issue. Devs are prioritizing this issue on their every update however to host a large scale of players from different part of the world is not easy to secure. Even with a good connection, lag spikes are inevitable especially if you are playing in crowded server.


This month, Mobile Legends became active in providing new content including heroes, skins, hotfix, and item updates. They released 3 heroes in a single month. I consider ML having low content compare to Heroes Evolved. I want to see more items and heroes in game that will change meta from every update.Heroes abilities are limited because of low champion pool thus it also limits players from improving their leverage. I believe ML reason it is to keep the game simple.


This factor is also important in selecting a game to invest time, money and skills. Most of the time, the game we are playing are based on social influence. But aside from social, playerbase also affects matchmaking or queuing in MOBA. Talking about Mobile Legends as the most popular MOBA in Android and iOS, it offers the best experience in matchmaking where queue occurs in few seconds. From this factor, it satisfied their players who at the first place looking a fast-paced MOBA that PC games can’t cater.

Business Model

Most of the time, the reason why I quit online game is the publisher’s business model. Most mobile games today are pay-to-win. They have a so-called VIP features wherein players who spent a lot in game has a privilege to earn a major advantage in game. In case of Mobile Legends, they sell skins and fragment that gives a pretty low stats that can’t justify the result of the match.


Game balance and bugs, as the game stayed more than 8 months and from every update they secure balance and bugs, I can say that Mobile Legends has the least issue on game balance and bugs. I believe they are prioritizing this factor that is why they are very limited in releasing heroes as well as items. They want to keep everything in balance. Low content also gives a low chance of experiencing bugs that may result a good integrity of the game especially on their global eSports features.

Heroes Evolved Mobile

The fastest growing MOBA in mobile today. While the title is confusing from the PC version of Heroes Evolve, the mobile version is entirely different game. The PC version brought this game in bad image of pay-to-win. Yes the PC version that you can play on Steam is obviously the first pay-to-win game in history of MOBA but for this game let us give you some factors to reevaluate Heroes Evolved.

Connectivity Issues

As of now, the server is smooth and I don’t experience any lag issues. This is a key point why I’m enjoying this game right now over Mobile Legends. Of course I’m not closing my door that when this game got populated we will also experience lag. But for a little break on lag issues that you are experiencing from Bang Bang, you can drop by at Heroes Evolved.


Heroes Evolved has obviously huge content from heroes and items. The PC version has over 65 heroes so I’m expecting that they will release that list of characters in mobile soon. It has also item pool that based from both DotA and League of Legends. Though the game idea is obviously taken from Mobile Legends, Heroes Evolved massive content will bring a new gaming experience.


This is what I miss in Mobile Legends, due to low playerbase, matchmaking in higher tier requires patience. And when you reach a certain inactivity in queue it will let you play in other division that will result for mismatch. It is also lonely to be alone. I’m inviting my ML friends to play HE but they don’t want to leave their throne in Bang Bang. So most of the time, I’m playing with random newbie players :(.

Business Model

Sad to say it has VIP but unlike with the PC version, Heroes Evolved Mobile is not pay-to-win. They’ve learned their lesson from the initial release so this time, they are very careful in giving stats on those stuffs that money can buy. Though with VIP you can advance faster in game this doesn’t affect the match result a lot. Of course those rich kids can access all heroes easily but the fact is, you don’t need all heroes to win a match. So it is not pay-to-win.


Game balance is somehow ridiculous in Heroes Evolved. There is a hero that is OP regardless of any itemization. Also due a massive numbers of items, it result for imbalanced match. I believe this takes time to fix and to keep everything in balance. Devs need to test everything and get idea from players experience. This is a big disadvantage of releasing tons of content at once. But when it comes to balance, I will tell you a secret, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Get the item that seems OP for you and win the game.

The game is still in early access as of now, so expect bugs, a lot of bugs in game. In case that you encounter some of it, don’t hesitate to report to devs so they fix it.


If you are really tired of your lag experience in Mobile Legends, Heroes Evolved is a good alternative. But as for a pre-matured release, expect that this game has lot of bugs including item and matchmaking imbalanced.

However if you want to invest money as well as for your time in competitive gaming scene  , I believe that stable game is far better to play.

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