At Last, Got Diamond Tier In League of Legends In This Season

I’m not good in League of Legends that is why I’m so happy after reaching diamond tier from 3 years of playing. I know that this will be my last chance to get the peak since I’m going to quit and focus to my first ever love MMORPG, Ragnarok Online.

Like what I’m always saying, I will not do anything that I know in myself that I can’t give my 100%. I can’t serve two masters so I need to give up LoL for RO.

Actually, I played the league for the sake of my customers. As a computer shop owner, I need to know my products to adapt their approach and we can have something in common. Like how religion being used for to colonized Philippines, I also used the same concept so I have influence to my customers. Because it will be easier for me to get someone if we have same belief or something in common.

Anyway back to LoL, it is a simplified version of DotA or the first MOBA I used to play so it was not difficult for me to adapt the game. It is very easy game. People love easy. From DotA to LoL and now Mobile Legends.

Also, I really like the business model of the game since I got tired from pay-to-win game after playing Ran Online and other MMORPGs in mobile platform. We can spend money on LoL but this will not give us advantage overall and I really like the fairness of that system.

League of Legends is an easy game, perfect for busy person like me who only wants to chill from free time after work. But as a competitive gamer, it is always ending up to a serious matter that leads me to spend money even for a free game.

Since LoL is easy game, somehow it is usual to encounter casual players or worse, toxic players. I just accepted to myself that I’m going to encounter players who only want to enjoy MOBA. So I shouldn’t take it seriously.

With this highest division I reached, I’m also going to say goodbye to the league.

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