This is the official blog of Earvin Kyle T. Amacan. Powered by WordPress Premium Subscription. I can make it in free but I decided to spend money to motivate myself on being active in this personal blog.

I started to blog way back on 2009 and from then I made it as my profession. This is not actually my first blog but to consider  a personal blog, I would say yes.

About the address I got it from my Computer Shop business which originally taken from my pseudonym, KAYLUM. I added the term “Circle” to represent a community or equality in a group.

I’m a fan of simplicity and that is why I get easily fascinated with Penscratch 2 WordPress theme. A free theme simple theme that I can customize the header, background, widgets and some basic elements of WordPress blog.

In this blog you can expect that I’m going to share everything I love such as music, video games, technology, literature, current events and my personal thoughts on everything that is worth to share.