Mobile Legends vs Heroes Evolved Review

Having the opportunity to play these 2 MOBA mobile games, I can say that I can give a good review from pros and cons of each game. This is for those who are tired on the current game they are playing and they want to try something new.

Actually the fact is, there are good stuff on each game that is not present to other as well as disadvantage. There is no perfect game from the two and for you to know which meets the closest to your interest, I will give you the high and low for every element.

Mobile Legends

The most successful MOBA in mobile platform outranking Vainglory known to be the biggest MOBA in both Android and iOS. What makes this game a huge success is their players’ interaction on social. It has also the simplicity that even newbie from this genre can cherish. Their success reminds me of DotA and League of Legends schemes wherein the simplicity and required gaming skill to play prevailed.  Continue reading “Mobile Legends vs Heroes Evolved Review”