What I’ve Learned From A Norwegian Friend

I met a Norwegian from a MMORPG I used to play last year. We were both playing competitively for a fraction rivalry. Until one day she decided to join my guild. Actually I didn’t want the idea since I’m playing for competition to boost my ego, to show that I’m the best and I can’t prove it without a good competitor. However I accepted her as for my guildsmen decision.

Since we were belong in same tier, we were always playing in the same party. We spent lot of hours grinding and farming. From that hours we talked about lot of things – inside and outside game including real life, ideas, principle, culture and etc. I learned a lot from her, though most of them are not directly from her thoughts but from our differences of being Filipino and Norwegian.

Religious Belief

There was an issue last year at the same month today that Norway got larger population of atheist over believer. So we talked about religion. As a christian I wanted to introduce my faith to her. Although she said that she is a believer but not as hardcore as Hillsong or me.

I told her to pray, talk to God, talk to Jesus. Actually I didn’t know how she felt about it but instead of counting how many mobs we killed or jewel we collected in game she had no choice but to listen.

We have a good chemistry. We were both competitive. I introduced more games to her that let me know more about her. Continue reading “What I’ve Learned From A Norwegian Friend”