Why It Is Easy To Get Hacked In Crossfire

I’m playing Crossfire for 18 months and I feel sorry for investing money in this game by means of buying VIP weapons that cost me more than 14K pesos. Not to mention that there are lots of cheater in game that can easily outplayed even my best arsenal. But what I’m talking is their poor security.

kaylum circle crossfire

Uncle Ben is right, “With great power comes great responsibility” and with 7 VIP weapons in Crossfire I have great responsibility to protect my account from hackers. I have a good password, secret question and complete personal details. I also type password with the speed of 90 words per minute.

Intruder is inevitable in poor security…

But sad to say I got hacked more than 6 times and it is mostly happen when I play in other computer shop to compete. As a computer shop owner too, I don’t want to speculate that they are hiding logger behind their keyboard. So instead giving a damn to computer shop, I’m questioning the security of Crossfire and Gameclub. Continue reading “Why It Is Easy To Get Hacked In Crossfire”